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its research efforts will have a substantial and

                beneficial impact on the global community ...


An integral component of the Center's international program is its Nanoscholars Abroad Program, which is offered based on funding and need. Participation in this program is open to undergraduate students, who are majoring in one of the science or mathematics disciplines and who plan to attend graduate school after graduation. Talented undergraduate students from all over the nation are invited to participate in this eight-week program, which is conducted  periodically during the North American summer months. Participants spend the first two weeks of the program in the Center's laboratories, participating in a program of orientations and research. During this orientation period the students will have seminars and workshops designed to prepare them for living and working in a new culture, as well as to acquaint them with the interests, goals and research culture of the host laboratories. In addition, they will begin working on a personal research project, which they will complete in the host laboratory.

In addition to its domestic educational, service and research programs, the Center conducts research and educational programs with institutions on the African and European continents.  Center students have worked in the laboratories of the Technical University of Georgia (The Republic of Georgia) as well as in collaborative research programs with scientists at iThemba LABS and the African Laser Center.  The Center has been designated as the North American Node for NANOAfnet.


The Center is fortunate to have as its international partners NANOAfnet, iThemba LABS, Technical University of Georgia and the African Laser Center. The iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Science is a multidisciplinary research facility located in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa. The laboratory provides facilities for basic and applied research using particle beams, particle radiotherapy and supplies accelerator-produced radioisotopes for nuclear medicine. The Center for Medial Polymers and Biomaterials, of the Technical University of Georgia, Republic of Georgia is concerned with the synthesis and study of biocompatible and biodegradable polymers for medical applications The African Laser Center, located in Pretoria, South Africa, was established in 2002 in order to help enable African nations to collaborate with each other and to play a major role internationally in the use of light in science and technology.



The Summer 2009 Program

The 2009 Nanoscholar Abroad Program was conducted during the summer of at the CFNM, Atlanta, Georgia, and Cape Town, South Africa. Participants spent two weeks at the CFNM in Atlanta before departing for the iTHEMBA LABS in Cape Town, South Africa, for the remaining six weeks of the program. The student team work on a collaborative project, which is concerned with electrospinning polymers that contain gold nanoparticles. During their initial stay in Atlanta each participant was under the direction of one of the CFNM senior scientists as well as a graduate student mentor, both of whom helped guide and assist the participant in the various aspects of preparation for their work in laboratories of the Center's South African collaborators. While in South Africa, participants were under the supervision of Center senior scientists and Dr. Malik Maaza at the iTHEMBA LABS.



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